How Netflix is Changing Everything You Watch

Roma‘s 10 Oscar nominations underscored not only the streaming service’s growing clout in Hollywood, but confirmed what analysts have been noticing since it hit airwaves a dozen years ago:

Netflix is altering almost everything we view, from movies to TV shows to viral videos.

Despite its fourth — and biggest — price hike in its 12-year history, 2018 proved a stellar year for Netflix and, more importantly, demonstrated the increasing reach and muscle of the streaming service. Roma‘s 10 Oscar nods tied The Favourite for most nominations.

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'Clooney clique' specializes in retro film style


LOS ANGELES — Matt Damon was taking his kids to school early last year when he got a text from George Clooney.

"What are you doing this spring?" Clooney asked.

"Nothing," Damon typed back. (He swears it's true).

"Want to make a movie?" Clooney asked.

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Striking It Rich: Day-Lewis Digs Deep for His Role as Oil Tycoon


 BEVERLY HILLS -- Here's one way to tell when Daniel Day-Lewis has gotten into character: He'll bean you with a bowling ball.
Not that he exudes anger or aggression. If anything, the lanky actor seems the antithesis of the often-fearsome characters he plays.
But when it comes to embracing a role, few do it with the zeal of Day-Lewis.
Paul Dano learned that the hard way. Dano, who play opposite Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood, which opens Wednesday, had to square off against the star in a key bowling alley fight sequence.

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Jack Nicholson: 'I can still cause trouble.'


BEVERLY HILLS — A sign over the doorbell of Jack Nicholson's home asks visitors: Please, don't ring before 10 a.m.

Nicholson is a bit sheepish about the reason.

"It ain't 'cause I'm partying every night, I'll tell you that," he says, padding down the stairs of his split-level ranch house as he tucks a blue Izod polo shirt into his khakis. "It just seems like a good time of day. And, to be honest, I need the sleep. I'm getting into my later years."

Jack Nicholson is not who you think. Sometimes, Nicholson says, he's not who he thinks.

"I don't mind the wild stories about my personal life," says Nicholson, 69, settling into a living room chair with the first of many cigarettes. "Nowadays, they're a good distance from the truth. I'll play along, because it's a good story. Even I believe it sometimes. But I'm slowing down."

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The Curious Case of Pitt and Fincher's Friendship


By Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY
LOS ANGELES — Brad Pitt is about to crush a dog.

"Hey, that's a living creature," David Fincher calls out to Pitt, who is zipping around the director's cavernous Hollywood office on a Segway, a stand-up, motorized scooter. "Try not to kill the living things in here."

Pitt has peeled into the converted bank building with Lenny, a playful bull terrier that serves as office mascot, chasing the star. Pitt corners Lenny in a dead-end hall. The dog freezes, startled to go from predator to prey.

"I got it, I got it," Pitt says, reversing the scooter a few inches from Lenny's snout and whizzing past Fincher to terrorize human employees. "You worry too much."

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