'The Rock' Rocks a New Image: Family-Film Star

Throwing Dwayne Johnson across a room isn't easy.

Andy Fickman learned that the hard way. The director of "Race to Witch Mountain," out today, searched for weeks to find an actor who could toss the 6-foot-4, 250-pound hulk across a stage.

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In the 'Breaking Bad' writer's room, death looms

BURBANK, Calif. -- Vince Gilligan tends to pace when he's thinking of ways to kill someone.

The carpet in Breaking Bad's writers room here, where the show's scripts are hashed out, is wearing thin.

Gilligan is pacing, circling his table, fielding suggestions from his half-dozen writers about the fate of a key character in the show he created six years ago that begins its final run of episodes Sunday on AMC (9 ET/PT).

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With 'Dark Knight Rises,' Chris Nolan Closes Book on Batman

Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY

Christopher Nolan finds himself living a dual identity.

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Hollywood finds religion and profits at theaters

By Hollywood standards at least, the movie business is bracing for a flood of biblical proportions.

Not since The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur more than a half-century ago has the film industry bankrolled religious-themed pictures as it has this year, with four big-studio Christian films storming the multiplex, along with dozens of art-house titles.

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Nick Nolte, 'national treasure,' fights on in 'Warrior


MALIBU, Calif. – A crow nearly the size of a hawk acts as sentry to Nick Nolte's home.

Nolte found the bird six months ago, grounded with a broken wing. He caught it by hand, brought it home, housed it in a 6-foot-high cage and gave John David Crow II free rein.

Nolte doesn't coo over the bird or try to teach it tricks. He doesn't keep the cage locked. The crow, he says, has had too rough a go of it to be a pet on display.

And yes, he gets the parallels. "He could leave anytime he wants," Nolte says. "But he keeps to himself. I think he feels at home."

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