Elderly drivers die at record pace

Cover Story, May 1, 2001ARCADIA, Calif. -- They drive the speed limit, wear their seat belts and rarely take risks behind the wheel.

But elderly drivers are dying at a record pace. Though they don't drive often, seniors account for a disproportionate number of crashes on the nation's roads. And as the numbers surge, officials say, elderly driving deaths will rival drunken driving as the nation's top road threat.

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Aggressive driving : A road well-traveled

The stories are everywhere. Heinous or humorous, accounts of aggressive driving and "road rage" are spawning headlines that warn of "Free-For-All Freeways" and "The New Asphalt Jungle."

Tales of auto anarchy have the attention of Capitol Hill as well. Last fall, lawmakers became so alarmed that they called congressional hearings. One staff member declared aggressive driving "a national disaster." Earlier this year, Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater announced that aggressive driving had become one of the nation's top three highway threats, along with drunken driving and failure to use seat belts.

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Shattered school days - Even those closest to teen cannot answer why

PADUCAH, Ky. -- It began Friday morning with a gentle but firm warning from Michael Carneal as he sidled up to his friend, Ben Strong, between classes at Heath High School. "Stay away from Bible study," Strong recalls the freshman whispering. "Something big is going to happen." Strong laughed it off. Though a senior and an athlete whose social circles were vastly different from Carneal's, Strong considered the two of them friends, and knew that Carneal liked pulling pranks. "I asked him what was going to happen," says Strong, 17. "He wouldn't tell me. Then I joked that I'd beat him up if he tried anything." Carneal remained serious. "You're not going to be able to beat me up after this," he said, walking off quietly.
The two would not meet again until Monday morning, when a deadly confrontation highlighted the unusual relationship between two very different teen-agers.

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